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Our story

Two teachers walk into a bar... no, wait, this is not that story - it could be, but it's not!

Irene and Lindsay met at an edtech conference in 2017. It didn't take long for us to discover that we had a LOT in common. We had both taught across a diverse selection of South African schools, held leadership positions in innovation and designed and delivered PD for a living. Lindsay had also founded the successful teacher training company: Teach.Learn. Innovate. We shared a passion for helping teachers and had delivered hundreds of hours of PD from Springbok to Sydney. And yet, no matter where we went, something was still missing in our ultimate quest to inspire and empower teachers to the max.

In our 30+ combined years of teaching experience, we had witnessed, experienced (and admittedly, delivered) so much PD that was, well, just not good enough. More often than not, it was 20th century style, ‘one-size-fits-all’ and in a big room on a Friday afternoon when the collective morale was, well, blah!

From 'blah' to 'Aha!'

From "blah" to "Aha!"

From 'blah' to 'Aha!'

Teachers are the best humans and they deserve better. They deserve to have choice in what, where, when and how they learn.

They should be able to learn in a way that models the pedagogy we're teaching. They should have anytime, anywhere access to relevant, practical courses that are aligned to their curriculum and their skill level. PD needs to be purposeful and put the people (teachers) first.

And so PurpleZA was born.
Purpose + People = Purple. Get it?

Our promise

Our promise

PurpleZA is a new era of professional development for South African teachers that really connects the dots!

Whether you choose to join us for a live event, workshop or webinar or via our personalised PD platform - you'll know the same great experience - designed for teachers, by teachers. Purple PD is all about you: your subject, your interests, your skill level, your way! You get to choose your course, ace your learning, earn badges, get rewarded. We wish we could build you the monuments you deserve (we're working on it!) but, in the meantime we'll give you badges, rewards, sparkly confetti and learning that sparks JOY.

Our promise
Our vibe

Our vibe

We don't do one-size-fits-all. We don't do boring. We don't do tech for the sake of tech. We don't do things "the way it's always been done". We don't do time wasting.

We do purpose. We do people. We do different. We do real. We do brave. We do connections. We do pedagogy. We do fun. We do world class.

We do "Yes!"

Our team

Lindsay Wesner
Irene Basson
Carmen Viljoen
Warren Lilley
Cheryl Douglas

Why us?

Well, we are slightly obsessed with...

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