Let's face it - nobody likes Professional Development. Especially not one-size-fits-all workshops at the end of a long school day when you can barely drag yourself to the coffee machine.

We get it!

That's why we've designed purposeful PD for real people

Purple PD lets you choose when, where, what, and how you learn.

Making sure it's all about you: your subject, your interests, your skill level, your way!

Level up with

Relevant Courses

Relevant courses

Blend progressive pedagogies with practical edtech to level up your teaching.
Real connections

Real connections

Connect to inspiring South African teachers innovating in classrooms just like yours.
Personalised path

Personalised path

Build your own learning path - grab certifications and incentives on the way!
Challenge your school

Challenge your school

Join your peeps as you race to next-level teacher awesomeness.

Learn it!

Work through the content in your own time and at your own pace.

Connect it!

See a practical example of real South African lessons.

Badge it!

Claim your badge by submitting evidence of your learning.

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We offer

We offer

A Gamified Platform connecting schools to learning
Workshops connecting questions to answers
Webinars connecting edtech to pedagogies
Events connecting teachers to purpose and a
tribe which connects the very best kind of world-changing humans - to each other!

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Inquiring Insects Read story

See how Leigh Walker of Pridwin Preparatory School inspires her Grade 0 students to use their imaginations and to think out of the box in a magical minibeasts inquiry-based learning journey.

Dismantling Stereotypes Read story

See how Kirsten and Claire engaged Grade 8 learners in an incredible project-based learning journey to answer the question: "How might we break down stereotypes at St Dunstan's College?"

Chief of Classroom Curiosity Read story

See how Kerry-Ann van der Merwe who teaches Digital Technology (Grades 000 - 3) and Grade 5 Natural Science (IEB) at Steyn City School, Fourways, uses CURIOSITY to awaken her students’ minds and scaffold their learning through collaboration!

The Library: A hub for Social Justice Conversations Read story

See how Samantha Evans from St John's D.S.G. Junior School uses the library space to provide multiple opportunities for students to speak about social justice topics with the facilitation of the teacher, learning by and through conversation. 

Acute Lesson Read story

See how Shahnaaz Omarjee teaches types of triangles to Grade 6 mathematics students using project based learning and integrating it with coding.

The Afrikaans Jedi Read story

See how Ilonka Poole from Greenside High uses gamification pedagogy to teach Grade 8 to 12 Afrikaans First Additional Language.

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