The Afrikaans Jedi

By Ilonka Poole

“Move away from the comfort zone! Teaching AfrikaansFAL is a challenge, not only because the subject is deemed boring, but it becomes repetitive and so un-cool. I needed to re-ignite the learner and the learning process so I incorporated technology underpinned by pedagogy.”

Learning Afrikaans grammar rules is repetitive and boring when all you do is complete written exercises. Learn how Ilonka used the gamification pedagogy to bring the element of competition into learning and foster perseverance in her students.

The vision

The vision

Learning Afrikaans grammar rules is repetitive and boring when all you do is complete written exercises. 

With this project, I used the gamification pedagogy to bring the element of competition in but also perseverance.  It was important to read the instructions carefully and pay attention to detail, which is a skill lacking with most learners.  

We cannot forget that learning must be fun and engaging.

Curriculum standards

The vision

Die hersiening van taalstrukture en -konvensies wat in vroeër grade onderrig is :

  • meervoude
  • verkleiningswoorde
  • woordorde
Curriculum standards

Learning journey

The vision


DURATION: Overall treasure hunt, depending on the speed at which the learners complete the activities, approximately 2 weeks.


The Jedi Rank Explained

The LMS Google Classroom was used as a “check in” post to make sure that learners are following the instructions and that there could be no leapfrogging from treasure hunt 1 to 2 because on the Sites website each treasure hunt is “open”.

I took on the persona of “supreme leader” and even responded in Yoda language.  Responses and feedback were given in English.  My belief is that the learners should not struggle through the instructions but concentrate on the exercises.  Only those who completed Stage 1 were assigned the next stages. 

XP points were given for those who, for example, finished first or helped someone else or persevered.

To visit the site click HERE 

Teacher Feature

The vision

Student activities

The vision



Reis na die Endor-woudmaan en hardloop die Endorwedloop.


Vind die Meervoud Mogwai. Die Mogwai is saggeaard en weier om met euwel te werk. Sy superkragte is televisie kyk en rond te speel met gadgets.

Waarde: 50 punte

Various tools were used. This “map” had to be navigated carefully and there were parameters set which the learners needed to achieve. For example 85% for the Quizlet test. 


Vind die Klein Kirby. Die Klein Kirby is klein pienk ballonnetjie monstertjie. Die dingetjie kan alles inasem en rond vlieg met sy lug-gevulde wangetjies.

Waarde: 60 punte



Skattejag 2 instruksies

Jy moet na Theed, Naboo se hoofstad, vlieg om jou volgende skattejag te begin. Hier is so bietjie inligting oor Theed:

The city of Theed was located on the rich, green grass plains of Naboo, to the planet's north where several other larger cities resided. It was found forty kilometers from the Great Grass Plains. Virtually a floating city, Theed nested on the banks of the mighty Solleu River, which led into a network of underwaterways, tributaries, and caves created by the unstable plasma energy in the planet's core, and ultimately to areas such as Lake Paonga and the Gungan city of Otoh Gunga. The city was also built over a vast plasma source located beneath the cliff edge, which, when mined by the Naboo, provided Theed with more energy than it required.

Die Klein Kirby is woelig binne die stad van Theed.  Voltooi die 4 aktiwiteite om hierdie pienk wapentjie te kry.

Sterkte Jedi en "May the Force be with you!

This treasure hunt consisted of 4 activities.

I used Bookwidget, Quizizz, and Flippity.



Vind die Woordorde Lightsaber

Jy het jouself bewys as 'n waardige Jedi-kandidaat.  Nou is dit tyd om jou eie lightsaber te vind

Waarde: 70 punte



This was the final stage and at the end, the last Google assignment was to design your own lightsaber


Ilum crystal Caves Secrets

Student reflections

The vision
Student reflections
Student reflections

Teacher reflections

The vision

Don’t get disheartened when only a few learners complete the series.  Many learners struggled to read instructions and gave up. This inspired me to think more closely about the learning design.

Teacher reflections

Technology used

The vision
  • Google Classroom,  Sites,  Sheets, Forms,  Slides
  • Quizlet
  • Bookwidget
  • Flippity
  • Classcraft
Technology used

What's next?

The vision

We have just completed a two part SBA task focusing on a choice board and application of knowledge.  I have also created virtual Bitmoji rooms  and we will be doing a revision of language using Classcraft.

Closing thoughts

The vision

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”

- Elizabeth Edwards


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