Acute Lesson

By Shahnaaz Omarjee

“With the uncertainty of the world, let’s keep the love for learning to be the constant for our children. Keep it Simple. Keep it fun! #maslowbeforeyoubloom”


See how Shahnaaz Omarjee when she taught at Clarence taught types of triangles to her Grade 6 Mathematics learners using an amazing combination of coding and project based learning.

The vision

The vision

With this project I wanted my learners to get creative with triangles. They would explore its properties, look for it in the world around them and then recreate the different types of triangles found using the sphero ball and the clips app. Areas of development:

  • Learning about 2D SHAPES
  • Learning how to document their findings using the clips app/ imovie and taking ownership of their learning by producing the video.
  • Learning about drag/drop/drawing coding- Using sphero to explore angles
  • Measuring angles
  • Collaboration with Peers
  • Listening and Speaking- presenting, sharing their findings

Curriculum standards

The vision

This learning facilitated the development of the following skills identified in CAPS:

  • Space and Shapes- exploring triangles and its properties
  • Measurement - using a protractor/ ruler to measure angles within a triangle.)
Curriculum standards

Learning journey

The vision

Teacher Feature

The vision

Student activities

The vision



Reinforcing the concept of visual differences in shapes and their uses in the real world.


Provide learners with a rubric/checklist so they cover all the aspects. Allow them to explore triangles while having fun.


Give a time frame for students to compile their video using posters in clips to separate thoughts and ideas.


Give learners guidance and support when enhancing their projects.


How did this research take place, share examples


Allow for time in planning their presentations, while presenting use feedback technique “one star and a wish” where other learners can compliment their work and offer their feedback to further improve.

Technology used

The vision

iPads, Spheros, Apple Clips, iMovie, Sphero Edu

Technology used

What's next?

The vision

With a good understanding of the properties of triangles, we can dive into the construction of 3D shapes using triangles- square-based pyramids and use Augmented Reality to further deepen their understanding. 

What's next?

Closing thoughts

The vision

“Remember, we’ll never know what knowledge we will need in the future so it’s pointless trying to teach it in advance…

instead, we should help children to love learning so much that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned when it’s needed.”

John Holt

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